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30 - 45
incontinent of bowels and bladder, autistic, have spinal damage, nerve damage, hearing issues, deteriorating joints, dyslexic, mute, and have brain damage.
meeting new friends
The reason I chose other is it didn't let me chose more than one thing. I am an openly homoromantic asexual person currently stationed on Sol 3(that is Earth for the people that are not majorly into astronomy). I am a pretty relaxed person. I love music. I am actually a quite friendly person, just a little shy. So, it might take me a little bit to open up to you. I am a human, an AAC user, prefer cats over dogs, if given a choice between a cat or dog or rabbit I would take the rabbit, I don't sleep much, between beach or camping .. camping wins, Coke over Pepsi, movie or book? Book. I am a Pagan. Feel free to ask me questions.I enjoy meeting people even though I am shy. I love to hang with friends.
fun, anime, Friends, writing, People,Movies, music, science, poetry, Family, arts, History, Chatting, Cooking ,Video games, camping, Mythology, Internet, Star Trek, GIR, Tribbles, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Digimon, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Furries, Invader Zim, yaoi, bags, foreign currency, Fantasy, pets, Japan, Toshiro Hitsugaya, snow, dragons, gaming
Getting a new place to live with my husband.
rock mostly
Robots, Frozen, Titanic, Harry Potter, Maleficent
Doctor Who. Eh... to be honest, I don't want much TV anymore. I see a lot of junk on TV lately. This is why I don't really watch it anymore.
Warrior Cats(All of the series), Dragonriders Of Pern
George Takei, My birthgiver person, my husband, and literally anyone that realizes that me being a mute doesn’t mean I am unintelligent.
Any place that isn't overly crowded or bright.
My Penpal
Hmm. I am not exactly sure what to put in this section. However, if you want to be my penpal, let me know. I could use one. I would like to start out talking via message or email for a while, okay? As for gender, you can be male, female, or something else. I don't really care about that. I would seriously rather avoid the topic of sex as much as possible. There are no sexuality restrictions on who can be my penpal. Really, the only requirements are I have for a penpal are the following:
1. No bigots, racists, transphobia, or homophobia.
2. Have something in common with me whether it is an interest, common disability, sexuality, etc.
3. Be aware, I am an asexual male that is marrying another asexual male. This is called homoromantic asexual.
4. I don't do too well with people saying one thing but meaning another due to my language processing issues. So, use more straightforward language. I mean you can be as eloquent and verbose as you like as long as it is written or I can use AAC. Just try to be as straightforward as possible. If you can't do this, don't bother.
5. I only have one restriction for age. Be 21 or over 21, please.
6. I can't voice chat. Literally, I can't speak. I could possibly do voice if I can get my microphone to pick up my AAC device better.
7. This is the final one. Flirting is not appreciated. Keep this in mind.
email: yathesu@gmail.com
Instagram: yathesu
Discord: yathesu#9525
Steam: yathesu
Switch: SW-2931-0701-6811
Battlenet tag: yathesu#1844

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