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30 - 45
Stroke Survivor
Depression (bi polar), anxiety, diabetes, obesity
meeting new friends
Hi. My name is Jena. I'm here hoping to find someone to chat with.
I had a stroke in 2013 during a hernia repair surgery. In the same month I lost my mother to a massive heart attack. The next month I was diagnosed with bi polar depression and anxiety. I also have diabetes and neuropathy, along with other health problems. I'm also heavy set (obese).
I'm here hoping to find someone I can talk to. I am mostly house bound because I can't walk much. I use a wheelchair when I do get out. I had a fiancee, but he didn't understand my depression or my pain. Apparently he got tired of being with and taking care of me and he walked out on me Sept 22 2018.
I have 2 dogs. One dog is a 13 year old rat terrier, the other is an 8 week old Pomeranian.
Sorry if this is disjointed. I have problems focusing my thoughts and thinking of the words I want to use thanks to the stroke. I might also be slow to answer you, but I will.
I like manga, anime, video games, anything horror,and the paranormal.
playing on my tablet
I don't make plans because you never know what will happen next.
H.I.M., Motionless in White, AX7, Gemini Syndrome, Highly Suspect, The Rasmus....,
Anything horror
I watch investigative Discovery channel for true crime shows,Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and Parking Wars.
I can't read books anymore. I lose focus when they are too long or complex. I read short mangas on my tablet instead.
My grandma on my mom's side. She was a guinea pig for chemotherapy. My mom for all the health problems she had. They were both fighters until the very end.
at home in my chair with my dogs.
My Penpal
Hi. My name is Jena, and I'm new to this site. I'm looking to meet new people. But, I do have some rules.
1. Friendly, honest people only.
2. English speaking people from the USA only please.
3. No racism, transphobic, or homophobic people.
4. Not picky on gender or sexuality. Feel free to write me.
5. Not looking for any romantic relationship or hook up.
If these rules are ok for you and you peeked at my profile send me a message if you want. I might be slow at answering you, but I will answer. Hope to here from any of you soon :)

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