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I don't have a problem with a black man as the Dr, and I recall that at one point in time, Lenny Henry played the part? As you know Bubbadog, I LIKE black men, and I think Ncuti is a cutie! But I was not happy about a female Dr, and that is ONLY because the history of the Dr and the Timelords, going back to 1963 states that the Dr is a Time LORD who has 12 regenerations and when Romana came into the show we found out that Time LADIES can regenerate whenever they feel like it!
The new writers have totally rewritten history and basically F*cked everything up!
Suddenly Timelords can change sex and according to the Master/Missy, he/she and the Dr have both been female in the past, which goes against everything we have ever seen, and then suddenly (after almost 60 years) we find that the Dr isn't a Timelord after all and has had hundreds of lives that even he/she doesn't remember!?
Remember this, when the first Dr (William Hartnell) ran away, he stole a Tardis and it landed in a junkyard and turned into a Police Box and got stuck! According to the new episodes, a previous incarnation of the Dr, who was a black woman who also called herself the Dr, and who the current Dr does not remember, also has a Tardis that looks like a Police Box!? Am I the only one who can't work that one out? It does NOT COMPUTE!
I know it is science fiction but anyone who is a fan expects some semblance of reality! You can't just rewrite 60 years of history and expect people to buy it, I don't. The writers have totally destroyed this show for me, I am 56 years old and this show has been something I have loved all of my life, but now it is ruined!
In the movie, which the TV show has continued on from, (in which the master said that the Dr was half human, Yeah Thanks to the Yanks who like everyone to be half human, remember Star Trek anyone!? Half Vulcan, half Klingon, half Betazoid) the Dr mentioned watching a meteor shower with his father, but according to the new episodes, the Dr was a child from another dimension who was found by a woman who experimented on him and took his DNA and spliced it into the Timelords DNA!
Now, let's talk about the Master/Missy, how many times has he/she been killed off, and often, totally disintegrated!
Somehow, he/she comes back to life, and even though he/she died in another place and another time, he/she somehow manages to appear on Earth in the current time even though he/she does not have a F*CKING TARDIS!!!?
HELLOOOO PEOPLE, am I the only one who questions this?
And I'm sorry Bubbadog, but Jodie Whittaker was useless and boring, if the Dr had to be a woman, they could have found someone better, Joanna Lumley played the part in a spoof and she could have done it, and Jennifer Saunders would be a hoot!
Catherine Tate would have been good if she hadn't already been in it as Donna, although? She is a mistress of disguise and could play the part in makeup?
Hmm? Joannie Mitchell as the Dr? "What? Who are you? The master? You wanna do what? F*CK ORF!"
Personally, I wanted Kris Marshall to take over the part from Peter Capaldi, he would've been good!
After seeing him in Death In Paradise, he would be the right mix of sort of cute, clumsy and awkward, but clever with it!
I can see Kris with a sonic screwdriver!
The way I see it,the writers need to forget everything since Jodie Whittaker, they need to go back and show Peter Capaldi regenerate into someone else and then go from there without all of the Bullshit!
Remember what they did in Dallas?
Remember how Bobby died, but yonks later the producers talked Patrick Duffy into coming back, so his death and everything that happened for F*ck knows how long afterwards was all a bad dream that Pamela had!?
Well, we can do that, we can pretend that all the crap with Jodie Whittaker was just a bad dream that NEVER HAPPENED!
Also, while I'm at it, I contacted the BBC many years ago by email and pointed out that as Romana was in E space when the Time War happened, she would have been protected and there is no reason why she couldn't make a return!?
They never responded, even though they said they would!
So I called the BBC in London and was told I had to call the BBC in Cardiff, but when I called them, they told me I had to call London!?
Basically, they don't give a SH*T and don't want to hear what the fans have to say, and the way they are going lately, it seems that they are trying to turn the fans off the show so they have an excuse to end it!?
Considering how long it takes them these days just to put a few episodes together, it does seem that they are trying to wind it down!?
Certainly having Jodie Dimwittaker in the role F*cked it for me!

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2 months 2 weeks ago #71329 by BUBBADOG14
Replied by BUBBADOG14 on topic Dr. Who
Joel my dear friend take a breath!! I thought Jody did a good job and I'm looking forward to seeing how this new Dr will do. I came into Dr Who when David Tenant was the Dr. So a lot later, so not as invested as you! I thought Peter Capaldi was a great Dr. Lets see what the new writer is like before rating his writing , give him this series before slating him!!

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