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Chronic Pain/Pain Chat: 13 years 17 hours ago #1326

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Re: Chronic Pain/Pain Chat: 11 years 6 months ago #22841

Has anyone else on Ablehere.Com or a close friend or family member,

Ever had a Stellate Ganglion Block Injection before?.

www.privatehealth.co.uk/private-operatio...llate-ganglion-block & www.thh.nhs.uk/Departments/Anaesthetics/...e_Ganglion_Block.htm

As I am having one on Saturday 09th of May 2009 & I am just wondering what I should except?.

& If anyones had it, How long did it last for & how often you have them, If they have worked?.

I've so fair been put on 50 mg Pregabalin tablets X2 A Day,

& 7 Day Pain Patches 5 microgram/hour - Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch,

These seem to be helping slightly, with My Pain & Discomfort, But its not tackling all The Pain Symptoms, But just seem to numbing them slightly, Which I am allowed to take on top My 8+ Tylex Tablets.

I am hoping to increase both My Pain Patches & Morning & Night Pain Drug to the highest levels I am allowed now through My G.P.

I've had some side effects to both drugs & these have been increased wind, increased tiredness/Drowsyness, & Trippy/Tripper Dreams & Nightmares, & One Trip on The Tube on: 12-04-2009.

But it still beats The Side Effects My Pain Specialist thought I would have, Which was throwing up or feeling like I was going to throw up.

I hope to hear from anyone who's been using or offered these Pain Treatments.

Hope everyone is well or ok :)<br><br>Post edited by: Scott_1984, at: 2009/04/28 23:36

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Re: Chronic Pain/Pain Chat: 10 years 4 weeks ago #31533

www.nursingtimes.net/nursing-practice-cl...pain/5019885.article & In Tiny Earl @ tinyurl.com/3yfkpxy

NHS 'slow to manage chronic pain'

30 September, 2010 | By The Press Association

Many British patients are receiving inadequate chronic pain management, a report has revealed.

The Pain Proposal European Consensus Report shows that people in the UK have to wait three years on average to get a diagnosis and a further three years for adequate management plans - twice as long as some European countries.

Chronic pain, which affects one in five people in Europe, costs the NHS £69m every year with 4.6m GP appointments for complaints such as back pain, joint problems and arthritis.

In Italy, France and Belgium people receive the necessary treatment in half the time it takes to get it right in Britain.

The study suggests that chronic pain is not being taken seriously enough in the UK, with more than 50% of sufferers questioned believing people doubt the existence of the condition. Over a quarter of people surveyed had been accused of using it as an easy excuse to get out of work.

But the research noted that sufferers indicated the condition impedes their ability to work for over a third of the day, while 40% of people are unable to work.

The report has been developed in consultation with over 50 experts including doctors, policy experts and patient group representatives from 15 European countries.

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