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Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat: 13 years 2 months ago #1331

Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat:

Has anyone ever had any form of: Pain Management, or Treatments For Pain/Chronic Pain & Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1&2 (RSD/CRPS 1&2), if so tell all the Ablehere users your story & how it helped you or didn't help you.

If your not sure what Pain Management/Treatments For Pain are used for, then go to: www.ablehere.com/component/option,com_jo...iew/id,1244/catid,47


*Has anyone been on a full Pain Management Course/Programme?

*Was your Pain Management Course/Programme as an Inpatient or has an Outpatient?

*Did you benefit from your Pain Management Course/Programme?

*Are you awaitng a referral for an: Pain Management Course/Programme?

*Does an: Pain Management Course/Programme work?

*Are youe trying to get on an: Pain Management Course/Programme?

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Re:Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat: 11 years 8 months ago #22842

Has anyone else on Ablehere.Com or a close friend or family member,

Ever had a Stellate Ganglion Block Injection before?.

www.privatehealth.co.uk/private-operatio...llate-ganglion-block & www.thh.nhs.uk/Departments/Anaesthetics/...e_Ganglion_Block.htm

As I am having one on Saturday 09th of May 2009 & I am just wondering what I should except?.

& If anyones had it, How long did it last for & how often you have them, If they have worked?.

I've so fair been put on 50 mg Pregabalin tablets X2 A Day,

& 7 Day Pain Patches 5 microgram/hour - Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch,

These seem to be helping slightly, with My Pain & Discomfort, But its not tackling all The Pain Symptoms, But just seem to numbing them slightly, Which I am allowed to take on top My 8+ Tylex Tablets.

I am hoping to increase both My Pain Patches & Morning & Night Pain Drug to the highest levels I am allowed now through My G.P.

I've had some side effects to both drugs & these have been increased wind, increased tiredness/Drowsyness, & Trippy/Tripper Dreams & Nightmares, & One Trip on The Tube on: 12-04-2009.

But it still beats The Side Effects My Pain Specialist thought I would have, Which was throwing up or feeling like I was going to throw up.

I hope to hear from anyone who's been using or offered these Pain Treatments.

Hope everyone is well or ok :)

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Re:Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat: 11 years 8 months ago #23393

Evening/Morning Everyone :)

I a bit anxious about having My Stellate Ganglion Block Injection in My Neck on Saturday,

As I don't want to pin all my hopes on it getting rid of all my pain or helping alot,

I don't know how I'll feel mentally if it wasn't to help in anyway at all :(

I'm also anxious about going to hosptial & traveling, But at least its on the weekend, So My Boyfriend Jon will be with Me & be able to help Me relax/distract Me while I'm on the trains & buses.

I've not spoken to My G.P. or been mentally capable to phone him to book an appointment to get My New Extra Pain Drugs to be increased to the highest levels possible, Its also longer from Me to travel since My Mum became homeless in 2008 & moved into My flat I rent & She lives there bill & rent free since December 2008, I get someone money now, But not for bills.

So traveling from My Boyfriends to My G.P.'s just to get My New Extra Pain Drugs Increased to the highest levels possible, Causes loads of stress & aniexty & over an hour to travel for they way I am only mentally capable of doing.

So I'll have to ask The Pain Specialist for an increase of My New Extra Pain Drugs Increased to the highest levels possible.


I hope everyone else is ok :)

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Re:Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat: 11 years 8 months ago #23671

I had My Stellate Ganglion Block Neck Injections Yesterday at The Homerton NHS Hospital in London,

It was very stressful getting there on a Saturday, Even though I had My Boyfriend Jon with Me, It was still very stressful :(

I was running a bit late due to My Depression & wasn't able to get ready/dressed on time :(

I've still not had a Bath/Wash since The FP Meet The Ruskins Meet on: Saturday 02nd of May 2009 - reynolds1984.multiply.com/video & reynolds1984.multiply.com/photos/album/2...RFLY_THE_HOUSE_PARTY & www.faceparty.com/scott1984

The Stellate Ganglion Block Neck Injections went well yesterday & The PAin Specialist managed to get all the dosages in My Neck,

My Swallowing seems to be a little bit effected & My Wind-Pipe/Voice-Box Areas Of The Neck are still a little bit Sore/Tender & it feels like there's a bit of tiny plastic in there,

The Pain Specialsit said it could work Instanly, A Few Days, &/Or In One Week, But He also said it may not work at all,

Along with this He also said if The Stellate Ganglion Block Neck Injections do work, That this doesn't mean I can go past My the pain barrier that I can't go past now &/Or over use My left hand/wrist even more,

As once The Stellate Ganglion Block Neck Injections, This could lead to the RSD/CRPS &/Or Pain Spreading to other parts of the body, Once it wears of, As Me over using my left hand/wrist if The Stellate Ganglion Block Neck Injections work could mean I wouldn't feel The Pain any more & I have to be careful.

I've also again been told never to stop using My Left Hand/Wrist no matter how much Pain & Discomfort, Just not past the Pain Barrier &/Or what I can humanly manage,

But I've known this since: 13-10-2002 & keep getting told to use My Left Hand/Wrist as much is Humanly Possible, When I've already been doing this since: 13-10-2002 :( :@


The Stellate Ganglion Block Neck Injections seem to have some effects on My Increased Left Hand/Wrist Swelling & Increased Pain & Discomfort, But not 100% Pain Free :(


Its not going to help with My Left Hand/Wrist Clunking, Snapping, Popping, Clicking, Instability, & Weight Restrictions :(

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Re:Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat: 10 years 3 months ago #31534

www.nursingtimes.net/nursing-practice-cl...pain/5019885.article & In Tiny Earl @ tinyurl.com/3yfkpxy

NHS 'slow to manage chronic pain'

30 September, 2010 | By The Press Association

Many British patients are receiving inadequate chronic pain management, a report has revealed.

The Pain Proposal European Consensus Report shows that people in the UK have to wait three years on average to get a diagnosis and a further three years for adequate management plans - twice as long as some European countries.

Chronic pain, which affects one in five people in Europe, costs the NHS £69m every year with 4.6m GP appointments for complaints such as back pain, joint problems and arthritis.

In Italy, France and Belgium people receive the necessary treatment in half the time it takes to get it right in Britain.

The study suggests that chronic pain is not being taken seriously enough in the UK, with more than 50% of sufferers questioned believing people doubt the existence of the condition. Over a quarter of people surveyed had been accused of using it as an easy excuse to get out of work.

But the research noted that sufferers indicated the condition impedes their ability to work for over a third of the day, while 40% of people are unable to work.

The report has been developed in consultation with over 50 experts including doctors, policy experts and patient group representatives from 15 European countries.

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Pain Management/Treatments For Pain Chat: 3 years 7 months ago #65289

* I was referred to a pain clinic at the Stanford Hospital in California
*it was outpatient
* I did not benefit from the physical therapy, or pain coping therapy. A lot of the medications they put me on either did not work or gave me side effects. I eventually put on narcotics which did help

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