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Re:mid carpal instability 10 years 5 months ago #30823

Julie wrote:


I am new to this site and came across it when doing a google search for mid carpal instability.

I have had wrist pain for a couple of years now with no cause factor with both wrists affected (right more than left).

Physiotherapy didn't help and nor did steroid injections (apart from a few weeks relief) and splinting was also little help but very limiting.

Last year after xrays, MRI and an arthroscopy my consultant diagnosed R wrist dequervains tendinitus and arthritis along my carpal bones (especially scaphoid, trapezium and trapezoid).

This resulted in me having a dequervains release and a joint replacement of the STT joint.

Now nearly a year later my wrist movement is approximately half of what it should be and all movement of the wrist towards the end of range is painful, as is lifting any weight and I have very weak grip strength.

This consultant had all but given up on me not knowing why my movement and pain hadn't improved but referred me to another consultant.

I saw this consultant today and he mentioned that I may well have mid carpal instability and is planning another MRI to try to confirm it and plan future treatment.

It has been a great help to read all the information you have posted on here and to hear other people's stories.

It is so limiting to have this almost constant pain in your wrists it has affected me and my life so profoundly in a way I do believe others fully understand.

Thank you for providing me with what I needed just now. Julie<br><br>Post edited by: Scott_1984, at: 2008/01/29 16:46

Hi Mid Carpal Instability (MCI)/Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI) Suffers & Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy\Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1&2 (RSD/CRPS 1&2) & The 3 Stages/Phases Of RSD/CRPS 1&2 Suffers,

Its Me again & Just remembered I had found this USA Legal Firm Years Ago Through Doing My Mid Carpal Instability & Wrist Instability Searches & Legal Cases Too.

Mid Carpal Instability: www.hickeylawfirm.com/html/injuries.html?submit=

Arm, Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder:

Arm, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries can be the result of fractures, ligament damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, nerve damage, or muscle problems. Causes of these injuries include repeated job duties (carpel tunnel syndrome), car accidents, sports accidents, work-related accidents, and falls.

The wrist is one of the most complicated joints in the body. The hand is at the top of this joint. In the hand, the bones in the finger meet at the carpal bones. This is a series of eight bones arranged in two rows that articulate - that is, move in relation to - the lower arm bones, the radius and ulna. The lower arm bones, the radius and ulna, move in relation to each other. If the distal end of one those bones, that is the end farthest away from the shoulder, is fractured, it may alter the way the two bones move about each other, and thus, may alter the range of motion and general ability to move.

The Legal Team at Hickey Law Firm, P.A., is experienced with handling many severe hand, wrist, and arm injuries. These injuries have included mid-carpal instability caused by ligament damage to the mid-carpal ligaments in the right hand of a chiropractor who had tripped and fallen onto his hand (resulting in a settlement of $650,000). In that case, the plaintiff received only one surgery, a pinning of two of the bones in the hand. That did not work. There is no type of surgery to repair the ligaments that result in mid-carpal instability. This is instability between the two rows of bones that sit at the top of the forearm bones, radius and ulna, and below the finger bones. This instability resulted in popping of the arm bones whenever the plaintiff moved his right hand and an inability to put weight or pressure on his hand. This is a permanent injury and has caused the plaintiff, a chiropractor, to lose substantial income in his practice.



RSD/CRPS: www.hickeylawfirm.com/html/injuries.html?submit=

We also have been involved with a case in which a restaurant allowed a booth to remain in disrepair. The booth had a hole in the seat. When the Plaintiff put her hand on the seat to slide over, her hand thrust into the hole and onto the edge of a slat underneath the seat. That slat, without breaking the skin, tore or severed the scapho-lumate ligament. That is the ligament that holds together the two bones that are the cornerstone of the bones in the hand, the scaphoid and the lunate bones. Various surgical repairs were attempted on this very serious injury, mostly without results. Our client also suffered Reflex Sympathy Disorder (RSD), which caused her hand to swell, become reddened and mottled, and to be sensitive to both heat and cold. The RSD was treated with 11 nerve block injections. Our client underwent five separate surgeries, three of which were fairly minor. The last surgery was a fusion of her right wrist. Our client was an accountant and now is a part-time bookkeeper and lost income. This case resulted in a jury verdict of $1.733 million.

So In America Thanks To Mr. David Litchman & Other American Consultant Orthopeadic & Trauma Hand & Upper-Limb Surgeons Bring Both Mid Carpal Instability & RSD/CRPS To Light World Wide & In America.

Take Care & Take It Easy :)


Scott :)

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