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neuro-stimulators for RSD pain can help 10 years 3 months ago #31699

I have had RSD for 6 years in Jan. of this year I had 2 Neuro-stimulators implanted one at C3 the other at T6. The C3 has worked okay in helping the pain. The other had a bad battery and I just had it replaced 2 weeks ago. I actually had both of the batteries moved to different sites. I also take Fentora 600mcg and Duragesic 100mcg patches for the pain the stimulator doesn't help. It is very costly to get the implants even with insurance but has been worth it. Even with the meds I was still visiting the ER 3 to 4 days a week for extra pain refief. Since the implants, I have gone twice in five months to get extra pain relief. If you can get them, go for it. You will know if the implant will help you before you actually have them implanted, because you have to have a test implant done. The test implant cost about $1,600 in co-pays. If you need more info in them contact me a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Re:neuro-stimulators for RSD pain can help 10 years 3 months ago #31774

Hey :)

Welcome To Ablehere.Com & Glad You Found Us & Posted Your RSD/CRPS Exprincies & Stories :)

I Am Currently On Around 8 Co-Codamol Tablets A Day, Only Got Pregabalin & Pain Patches Last Year 2009, Along With So Fair 2 Stellate Ganglion Blocks In May 2009 & February 2010 & My 3rd On: 15-11-2010 (Sadly The 3rd Stellate Ganglion Block/s, Were Delayed Due To Bad Post & Appointments Not Reaching Me & E-Mails Be Sent/Passed On, But Ingored In June/July 2010 When My 2nd Stellate Ganglion Block/s Started To Show Signs Of Wearing Off)

I Can't Afford Private Pain Managerment &/Or Private Pain Treatments, So I Have To Relie On The Uk NHS & The Uk NHS For Medical Treatments Is AMAZING :) (NHS For Mental Health & Depression, Need Improving) :( :/

Also Because Of The Unstable Left Hand/Wrist,Arm, With Mid Carpal Instability (MCI)/Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI), Even If I Could Find Good Pain Drugs/Treatments To Reduce The Pain,Discomfort,Disability, &/Or The Pain Went In To Remission, I'd Still Suffer From An Loose Clunking,Snapping,Clicking,Popping, Left Hand/Wrist,Arm, & Pain,Discomfort, & Disability From That Mid Carpal Instability (MCI)/Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI), & Sadly No More Wrist Operations To Stablize My Loose Ligaments & Carpal Bones Will/Can Be Carried Out While I Am Suffering RSD/CRPS Or Bad Phases Of RSD/CRPS, As An Further Open Stalization Wrist Operations May Make The RSD/CRPS Worse :( :/

So Its Physiotherapy & Strethening Exercises, Heat Pads, Hot & Cold Therapy, Pain Drugs & Pain Managerment, Counseling, Wrist Splint/Wrist Brace, & Rest & Breaks From Wrist Spling/Wrist Brace, & Doing As Much As I Can & Also Not Over Doing It Either.

Going To Attempt Mirror Box Therapy Today: 20-10-2010 & Thursday 21-10-2010.

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