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I am a stroke survivor, Asian from Cebu City, Philippines. I have diabetes and had a problem with a knee surgery on the left leaving a scar. The ortho surgeon advised me to undergo but I got scared due to the pain, As of now, I walk around the house without a walker. I use it only I when go out, usually with my son, who is a doctor, His wife who is a nurse helps with my medication. My younger son is a neurologist and his wife, another doctor, also takes care of me. I have 2 children who were born in Chicago (a nurse) and an IT. My other daughter lives in TN.
True stories. the investigations are exciting to analyze. I like l learning other types of personalities. Garden, flowers, the beach, farm land the horizon, other cultures, social work, health care, psychology, above all - GOD!
music and meditating. praying has been my companion,
To continue the social work that I started.
I like all excluding the loud ones.
investigative ones give me joy
CNN, features
psychology - focused, social work
my father
the church

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