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I'm a long-haired French brunette, 1m63, average build, hazel eyes. I am 59. I live in a city right next to Paris.

Unfortunately, I lost my mother in april 2020 and then my husband died from asbestos cancer due to his work (bus driver) where the walls had asbestos inside.

We have no children. The last parent I had left, was my father, who took care of me, doing the things I could hardly o not do at all. Like washing the clothes, house care, doing the purchases, etc. and as I lived in the same building, he used to come and fetch me for dinner (he lived on the ground floor and I live on the forth floor). Widows both of us at the same time, we tried to bring a bit of company to each other.

My father died last March. I am now completely on my own. I have no family left; our family is dying.
My only sister lives in NYC and my brother died in 1986 from an asthma crisis. He was 19.
So I don't know what to do, I have tons of mail, mostly for my father, coming and which I am going to give to the notary. But there are so many, so many papers to deal with! You get dizzy! I feel that I'll never manage to get rid of all this.

A couple of people in the building are trying to help me. But you know how it is "You can always count on us! It you need something, don't hesitate, we'll do our best to help you!" And when you really need them, the first and second time, they come to give you a hand but then, though I hardly ask for anything, they start taking their distances and are less and less free for you...
I guess you know what I mean...

I am fluent in English, French and Spanish after having lived 9 years in NYC and 4 years in Argentina.

I was an investigation translator (English/French/Spanish) for the Police at the Ministry of Interior but I had a terrible accident in 2010 and lost my leg, so I am now trying to learn how to walk with a prosthesis. I have a strong character and am a positive person.

I am a very communicative person. I enjoy meeting new people and exchanging ideas about everything.

I am seeking female email pals aged 45-60 mostly (but not only) in the USA, Latin America and islands for true friendship.
Animals (mostly cats), karaoke, the USA because I spent all my childhood there (9 years), restaurants, horror movies, city life, police procedural television drama series (Law & Order, Without A Trace, etc.), jigsaw puzzles, crosswords.
I don't like the countryside, sports, gardening, scrapbooking, classical music, horse riding. Am not into chatting.
Reading true crime stories and watching true crime stories on TV (series/shows)
Walk again and return to an almost normal life (work, shopping, travel...)
Pop music (60s-90s), smooth jazz/beautiful music/lounge music/easy listening. Piano (but not classical music).
Hellraiser, Schindler's list, Alien, JFK, Awakenings, Rain Man, E.T., Little Stuart.
Favorite actors : Robin Williams and Liam Neeson
Criminal Minds, C.S.I, Law and Order, Without A Trace, Real-life shows. Documentaries about everything.
Crime stories, testimonial novels, unbelievable true stories.
Jacques Chirac, president of France from 1995 to 2007
John Fitzgerald Kennedy




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