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30 - 45
Obesity, Schizophrenia diagnostic in 1992, swollen legs, abdominal pains all over of unknown cause
don`t know
very lonely, no one talks with me, very poor (300 euros a month, but many problems), without a job, obese since 2007, amputee due to a suicide attempt in 1998. I write poems and haiku since 2007.
reading poems, old paintings, books, photography, internet, writing
getting slim, quitting smoking
Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, etc.
Others: old songs form the 60s-80s, American old country music
Cold Mountain, Dancing with Wolves,
I don't have money
The Decameron, The Human Condition, Les Misérables, but also Dickens or essays
in the mountains
My Penpal
I am 43 (44 in 2 days), now I walk in crutches because I have an open wound on my amputated leg. This wound doesn't heal since December last year. I was amputated in 1998, due to my only suicide attempt. I love writing, especially poems and I am interested in any kind of communication. I prefer snail mail, but it is costly and no one sends me a letter or a postcard since I was forced into psychiatric care in 1992, I don't understand what happened. I never could guess others' thoughts but I was perfectly normal and I communicated in a normal manner. Of course, apart from my mother, no one calls me. It gets harder and harder. My whole life, since 1984, I received only a few phone calls. But I always loved and respected people and I did nothing wrong, I spoke nothing evil, I thought nothing bad. I was only born in a very poor family, but not Gypsies or Jews or another kind of minority...maybe it would have been better.
If you are interested in my poems
or haiku
(Feb., 14th, 2015)

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