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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 11 months ago #16999

You guys are so awesome, thanks Scott & Julie. :)

Your words of encouragement and support mean a LOT to me.

I decided that I am not going to give up.

Workers compensation got back to me the other day and they are now saying (according to the professional medical opinion of their own doctor, who has never once seen me in person) that I have carpal instability which was pre-existing before my injury at my job.

They say I suffered a \"sprain\" and that I'm healed of the sprain now, and that I have pre-existing carpal instability which is \"delaying my recovery\".

The really weird thing is that they consider wrist hypermobility and carpal instability to be the same things... when even the doctor who diagnosed it as hypermobility said it is not the same.

And the really weird thing is that the doctor I am seeing now does not even agree that I have wrist hypermobility AT ALL.

It is such a strange and broken system, and it can be really frustrating...

My current strategy is to follow up with the doctor I am seeing now in a few days, and ask him to please refer me to a hand and upper limb orthopaedic doctor. As well I am going to be printing some pages from medical journals which show how carpal instability cannot generally be detected by x-rays especially in the early stages.

Thanks again for all of your replies, I have faith that everything will work out for the best in its own time. :)

Truth is Truth and it eventually comes to the surface.

Love & Blessings

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 11 months ago #17000

Also yesterday I went to the physiotherapy clinic where I was first treated.

I asked them for a copy of the diagnosis that the physiotherapist wrote saying that she found I have carpal instability after doing physical examinations.

They provided me with a copy (which I am also going to show to my new doctor).

The diagnosis she wrote is dated Feb. 26th 2008! So it's been almost a year.

This is the same note that she told me to give to my first doctor, and he threw it in the trash. I'm really glad they kept a copy in my file.

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 11 months ago #17001

Hiya Ryan :)

Glad you've managed to get a copy of your Physiotherapist letter :)

Me & Julie know what you are going through & how most Consultants know little about MCI/PMCI & remember they've only been mainly learning since Lichtman's Papers & Research in 1981 - wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/9 & wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/10 & wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/15

Sadly its not been drilled into Doctors/Consultants heads yet that Wrist Instability starts off as Dynamic Wrist Instability & needs Physical Wrist Examinations & Special Tests - wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/39 & wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/40 & wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/14 & wristinstability.multiply.com/journal/item/3

All Mid Carpal Instability Websites & Meidcal Journals I've been able to uplaod at: wristinstability.multiply.com/journal

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 11 months ago #17002


I wish you all the best of luck :)

Stay strong & understand alot of MCI/PMCI Suffers are passed from Doctor, Conultant, Hospitals, For Weeks, Months, Or even years :(

Remember I didn't even get to see Mr. McCarthy until: 28-02-2003, Despite the orginal accident/injury to my left hand/wrist took place on: 13-10-2002,

So that was 4 months later.

Also remember Mr. McCarthy knew I had MCI/PMCI on: 28-02-2003 but he didn't offically tell me or give me a letter for My Ex-Employers Marks And Spencer Plc,

Until He carried out the Diagnostic Wrist Arthroscopy on: 29-10-2003 & I weren't told until: 17-11-2003 or got any letters,

Yet My Medical Records show He confirmed MCI/PMCI on: 28-02-2003 to a letter he sent to his colleage.

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 7 months ago #25842

Hello again everyone, just dropping by to give an update.

The doctor I saw a few months ago, who I asked to refer me to the orthopaedic hand and upper limb surgeon, did send a referral. Around that time I also emailed the orthopaedic hand and upper limb surgeon and asked him to please see me or to recommend someone else who would be able to diagnose me in the city.

I got an appointment with the orthopaedic hand and upper limb surgeon, and I saw him 2 days ago (on Monday).

He did a physical examination of my wrists and immediately diagnosed my condition as midcarpal instability ! He told me that I have always had midcarpal instability (was born with it) but he believes that the injury at my job made it permanently worse (enhanced it).

It was the most positive experience I have had yet with a doctor concerning my injury. He took the time to listen to me and he understood exactly what was going on with my wrists.

He also said that he will help me appeal the worker's compensation board's decision to suspend my benefits. Yesterday I contacted a worker advisor and started the process.

I am relieved on so many levels, to have finally found a competent doctor (orthopaedic hand and upper limb surgeon) that has taken the time to listen to me and properly diagnose my condition.

Unfortunately he said there is not much that can be done except for continuing with wrist and hand exercises. A physiotherapist was present while he did the examination and afterwards she went over some exercise techniques with me.

Today my wrists hurt quite a bit due to the examination... and I am wearing some wrist supports. I am going to go get some new better wrist supports with a metal plate support in them, as the ones I have currently are just made of fabric.

Here are two documents about midcarpal instablity I found today:

Midcarpal Instability


Midcarpal Instability - Intrinsic to Carpus (page 22)

Hope everyone is well ~

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 7 months ago #25843

Hiya Ryan :)


I've always know You've had Mid Carpal Instability (MCI)/Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI)


I was always of the view it could have always been there, & If you hadn't suffered an injury through work, By over working both your wrists, Then The MCI/PMCI may have never come to light & the instability would have never come through or happend & you wouldn't have known & therefore be living a normal Pain Free & Wrist Instability Life Now!.

\"My Consultant Orthopeadic & Trauma Hand & Upper-Limb Surgeon, Mr. Donal Martin McCarthy Has Always Been OF The View I've Always Had MCI/PMCI Inside My Hands/Wrists, But If It Wasn't For The Accident/Injury To My Left Hand/Wrist Wouldn't Have Brought It To Light,

But When He & Colleagues Were Unable To Physically Find An Abnormal Movements, Instability, Clunking, Snapping, Popping, Clicking, Through Physical Examinations Of My Right Fingers, Hand, Wrist, Arm Shoulder, Right Side Of Neck,


Nor When They Carried Out All Physical Instability Examinations & Tests On My Right Hand/Wrist, Mr. McCarthy & NHS Colleagues Had To Come To The Conclusion That, If It Was Not For Me To Suffering The Accident/Injury To My Left Hand/Wrist On: 13-10-2002, I Would Have Not Suffered From MCI/PMCI In My Left Hand/Wrist & Therefore I Had No Hidden &/Or Underlying MCI/PMCI In Either Of My Hands/Wrists,

& If It Wasn't For The Accident/Injury In My Left Hand/Wrist, No MCI/PMCI Would Have Been Caused By The Accident/Injury, Nor Been Present Before: 13-10-2002.


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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 7 months ago #25844


This is very good news for you & it must be a relief to have a 100% Confirmed Mid Carpal Instability (MCI)/Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI) In Both Wrists,

I Know Like Myself, Your Still Be Left With Instability & Pain, Discomfort, & Disability,

But It Does Help Your Anxiety & Mental Health To Know You've Got The Physical Disability Diganosed Correct & This Enables You To Know You Are Carrying Out The Right & Correct Treatments,

Such As Twice Physiotherapy Exercises & Strengthening Exercises For Your Fingers, Hand, Wrist, Arm, Upper-Limb,


Your Also Getting The Correct Metal Palmar Wrist Splints,

Hot & Cold Therapy For Tackling Pain,

Pain-Killers (Tylex 8 +) For Esample,

Maybe Talks About Wrist Surgies, As You Know About,

Pain Clinics.

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 7 months ago #25845


You might want to ask Consultant Orthopeadic & Trauma Hand & Upper-Limb Surgeon,

If In The Future You Can Be Referred To A Pain Clinic/Pain-Specialist To Seek Extra Pain Drugs To Help Reduce & Manage The Pain, Discomfort, & Disability,

I've Notice Its Been Helping Me & Probably On Scale 0 - 10, I Was At 8 - 10 Pain Scale, Where As I Am More A Scale Of 6 - 8,

Also Since: 09-05-2009, When My Pain Specialist Gave Me A Stellate Ganglion Block Injections In My Neck Near Wind-Pipe/Voice-Box, Seem To Have Blocked The Reflex Nerves, As I Have Noticed In Certain Physiotherapy Excersises I Do Not Get The Burning Pain (I'd Class It As Chill-Blades Burning, I.E. Going From Ice-Cold To Warm/Hot, Sense Of Burning), But I Still Get A Dull Ache & Shooting Ache Pain, & This Is On A Scale Of 6 - 8 & If I Did Overuse Of My Left Hand/Wrist The Dull Ache & Shooting Ache Can Sometimes Reach Its Old Levels Of A Scale 8 - 10, But If Not Overused Its Between Scales Of 6 - 8.

I Notice I Get Less Burning Pain & Sensations In My Left Fingers, Hand, Wrist, Arm, Shoulder, Since Having The Stellate Ganglion Block Injections In My Neck Near Wind-Pipe/Voice-Box On: 09-05-2009!.

Its Hard To Explain, Without Being Face To Face.

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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instabil 11 years 7 months ago #25846

Hi Scott! Great to hear from you again.

I sent you a few emails recently but I'm not sure if they went through properly.

Yes it is an ENORMOUS relief to have MCI 100% diagnosed.

I also agree that it was my overuse injury at my job that brought to light my MCI. Now it is a part of my life every day, where before I had no idea it was there.

Before the examinations on Monday, the pain was pretty low, but the examinations really made the pain flare up. \"Does it hurt when I do this?\" Yes!!! It does!! LOL

But I don't care, I'm just so happy to have a diagnosis.

I am going to give Tylex a try (called Tylenol here; I think Tylex sounds cooler actually). I remember you said that one has to be careful concerning their liver when taking Tylex, and I will keep that in mind.

Have you tried accupuncture? My friend is an accupuncturist (doesn't live near me though) and he has suggested to me I might try it. I think I may try it and see how it goes. :)

I think it's very important I get proper wrist braces. I will go get some this week.

Question: Is your pain or discomfort relieved somewhat by pushing upwards or the pisiform bone? When I do this it moves everything up in my wrist (reduces the volar sag, I think it's called) and sometimes it feels really good, like something \"opens up\".

That is not the motion I am talking about, but the picture shows which bone is the pisiform.

I have read online that a wrist brace that pushes the pisiform bone upwards may be of benefit.


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Re:Need support: hypermobility and carpal instability 10 years 5 months ago #30827

bombadil wrote:

Hello everyone,

Finding this forum has been an immense relief, a huge thank you to everyone involved. Here is my story:

I am a 23 year old male located in Canada, and almost a year ago I had to leave my work due to bi-lateral wrist injury. I worked as a computerized communication facilitator at a university. My job consisted of attending classes with deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing students and using a laptop to relay all aural information (and sometimes visual information, in the case of deaf-blind students) to them. What this means is that I typed every single word or sound that happened in the class so that the student with the disability could participate fully.

After about six months of doing this job I started experiencing severe pain in my wrists and hands, including shooting pains and tingling/numbness.

I had to stop working and went on workers compensation. The first doctor I saw diagnosed it as a sprain and prescribed physiotherapy.

I saw a really good physiotherapist and she told me that I have carpal instability. She did these tests and found a lot of \"clunking\" in my wrist bones. She wrote me a note to give to my doctor explaining her findings.

I saw the doctor again, and offered him the note from my physiotherapist. He told me to throw it in the trash, and he told me that my body is simply \"weak\" and that I should have chosen a different job. I knew then that this doctor didn't know anything about wrist injuries so I went to find another one...

I was blessed to find a really great doctor at a sports medicine clinic who knows a great deal about wrist injuries. He diagnosed me right away as having intrinsic carpal hypermobility and wrist arthralgia. He prescribed physiotherapy, and a specific type of exercise called short arc strengthening (which has helped more than anything I think). He took X-Rays, but they looked normal (from what I understand, this is quite typical with carpal instability).

I also saw a neurologist and had nerve conduction tests done. The findings were all normal, ruling out carpal tunnel syndrome.

Around 7 months after my injury the major shooting pains in my fingers and numbness subsided, but I am still left with wrist pain whenever I use a computer. I still can not use a computer like I used to be able to, and sometimes even basic tasks like opening a jar is still hard for me.

Here is the problem: workers compensation has suspended by benefits. They said I had a pre-existing condition which is delaying my recovery. They are referring to my carpal hypermobility.

I realize that it is true that hypermobility predisposes one to RSI related injuries, but I don't think this is right. The truth is that I never had this type of pain before I was injured from my job, and I have not recovered.

My doctor is on my side and is sending new information to workers compensation, so we will see how that goes.

I am feeling very stressed out. Before I worked at the university I was a graphics and web designer, which obviously involves heavy computer use.

Has anyone else here been on workers compensation for carpal instability? Particularly if you have carpal hypermobility?

It's also been very stressful for me, as none of my friends and family really understand my injury, and I think some of them believe I am faking it to \"get free money\". And sometimes I would wonder if I am being selfish.

You have no idea how much better I feel now that I have found this forum. Though it has been a sort of mixed blessing... as I have also found out just how severe and serious my condition really is.

Any help or advice would be welcome,
Thank you and God bless

Hi Mid Carpal Instability (MCI)/Palmar Midcarpal Instability (PMCI) Suffers & Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy\Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1&2 (RSD/CRPS 1&2) & The 3 Stages/Phases Of RSD/CRPS 1&2 Suffers,

Its Me again & Just remembered I had found this USA Legal Firm Years Ago Through Doing My Mid Carpal Instability & Wrist Instability Searches & Legal Cases Too.

Mid Carpal Instability: www.hickeylawfirm.com/html/injuries.html?submit=

Arm, Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder:

Arm, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries can be the result of fractures, ligament damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, nerve damage, or muscle problems. Causes of these injuries include repeated job duties (carpel tunnel syndrome), car accidents, sports accidents, work-related accidents, and falls.

The wrist is one of the most complicated joints in the body. The hand is at the top of this joint. In the hand, the bones in the finger meet at the carpal bones. This is a series of eight bones arranged in two rows that articulate - that is, move in relation to - the lower arm bones, the radius and ulna. The lower arm bones, the radius and ulna, move in relation to each other. If the distal end of one those bones, that is the end farthest away from the shoulder, is fractured, it may alter the way the two bones move about each other, and thus, may alter the range of motion and general ability to move.

The Legal Team at Hickey Law Firm, P.A., is experienced with handling many severe hand, wrist, and arm injuries. These injuries have included mid-carpal instability caused by ligament damage to the mid-carpal ligaments in the right hand of a chiropractor who had tripped and fallen onto his hand (resulting in a settlement of $650,000). In that case, the plaintiff received only one surgery, a pinning of two of the bones in the hand. That did not work. There is no type of surgery to repair the ligaments that result in mid-carpal instability. This is instability between the two rows of bones that sit at the top of the forearm bones, radius and ulna, and below the finger bones. This instability resulted in popping of the arm bones whenever the plaintiff moved his right hand and an inability to put weight or pressure on his hand. This is a permanent injury and has caused the plaintiff, a chiropractor, to lose substantial income in his practice.



RSD/CRPS: www.hickeylawfirm.com/html/injuries.html?submit=

We also have been involved with a case in which a restaurant allowed a booth to remain in disrepair. The booth had a hole in the seat. When the Plaintiff put her hand on the seat to slide over, her hand thrust into the hole and onto the edge of a slat underneath the seat. That slat, without breaking the skin, tore or severed the scapho-lumate ligament. That is the ligament that holds together the two bones that are the cornerstone of the bones in the hand, the scaphoid and the lunate bones. Various surgical repairs were attempted on this very serious injury, mostly without results. Our client also suffered Reflex Sympathy Disorder (RSD), which caused her hand to swell, become reddened and mottled, and to be sensitive to both heat and cold. The RSD was treated with 11 nerve block injections. Our client underwent five separate surgeries, three of which were fairly minor. The last surgery was a fusion of her right wrist. Our client was an accountant and now is a part-time bookkeeper and lost income. This case resulted in a jury verdict of $1.733 million.

So In America Thanks To Mr. David Litchman & Other American Consultant Orthopeadic & Trauma Hand & Upper-Limb Surgeons Bring Both Mid Carpal Instability & RSD/CRPS To Light World Wide & In America.

Take Care & Take It Easy :)


Scott :)

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