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nova scotia
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30 - 45
I am not disabled
according to the list I can put: Depression/Anxiety, Obesity and Learn Disabilities.
meeting new friends
I'm somewhat shy so at first I may not say a lot but once we get to know each other then i'm much better. i'm not much for socializing in public, a bit of a loner. I'm married so not looking for anything other than making some new friends from pretty much anywhere in the world. Looking to meet new people, with same or even different interests.
Other disabilities: my depression/anxiety isn't 24/7, i've always had a weight problem, i'm overweight but i don't really think of it as obese and my learning problems are minimal. So for me personally, i would never have labelled myself as having a disability but according to the list apparently I do to some degree. I really just see people as people, I don't particularly care for labels. You're a person first and foremost.
reading, listening to music, watching movies, going for drives, photography, cooking/baking, going for walks on trails in the woods and especially the beach. making new online friends, learning about different places, cultures, food and languages.
just to name a few: Def Leppard, ac/dc, led zeppelin, ozzy Osbourne, andrea Bocelli, orthodox celts, tragically hip, and many more
just to name a few: smokey & the bandit, treasure island, national lampoons Christmas vacation, a walk in the woods, die hard movies, whole nine yards and more
the great Canadian baking show, the great British baking show, mrs brown's boys, mountain men, highway thru hell, oak island, judge judy, forged in fire, Frasier and more
some authors I like: Charles Todd, Ian Rankin, Peter James, Peter Robinson and various other types of books
don't really have a favourite place.. but i like spending time on beaches whether lake or ocean, or by a river, love being by the water.
My Penpal
Hi, I'm Canada. I'm not disabled but came across this site while looking for penpal sites. Just looking to meet new people from pretty much anywhere in the world. I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm married, just looking for some new friends to chat with. I'm a bit shy at first and find it difficult to make small talk at first but with time I get better at carrying on a conversation.

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