What would make an employer attractive to you?

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #64672 by skyradde
hi how i have my job that was 9 months it turned into a 17 + year job

i was not working for around a year, was in tech support in a radio broadcast

network in california, on the enginerring side of everything transmitters

studio gear satllite uplinks and assorted stuff, then was layed -off

i have a disability ad/hd learning diasbiled and arthris.

wen't to state rehab agency, went to night school one night a week one night lab

time, in my type of work.

then my person had a job training program based in

based in san francisco at the time, it was based there

one of the employers was the state of caliofrnia.

costs them 5K MY Base salary is 35K per year X 17 yrs took a premotion

at work.skyradde.

the employment program in state goverment enployment is Called LEAP

is the job exam process,acommadarion for testing

for interviews,job accomadations my base week was 40 hrs

plus 10 hrs a week ot, and when i was an office asst

for years.same thing.. till 2008-2009 then back to 40 hrs


that's how i got my new job fleld thought it was only 9 months

hope this helps out everybody. :)
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5 years 3 months ago #65402 by Joelyb65
Well, I'm out of the job market these days, but if I was looking for a job, and the prospective employer was a cute Asian guy with muscles, that would definitely attract me!
Yes Bubbadog, I'm being naughty, give me your best shot! Ha Ha!

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5 years 3 months ago #65408 by BUBBADOG14
Eyes on the job Joel not the prize!! :ohmy:

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2 months 2 weeks ago #71338 by Den100
That is a good question. Sometimes, employers provide lip service to fullfill a policy of inclusivity and "diversity", or meet a certain quota of employees with disabilities. It is standard procedure (at least here in Canada) to state in the ad that they are an "equal opportunity" employer, and invite persons with disabilities to notify them if they require accommodations for the interview. Job seekers are in a double bind situation, and there is no right are wrong answer. However, disclosure of disability and its timing has a bearing on how your accommodation needs will be met and how the employer will respond to you. Now I'm talking pre-COVID, of course, but normally, you can decide to disclose on the application/cover letter (not usually recommended as it opens up the opportunity for the employer to disqualify you and there is no proof of that); at the time of scheduling an interview (not necessary unless you will need accommodations or do not want to surprise the employer by a visible characteristic that will detract from the purpose of the interview); during the interview (which could go either way - bring out the problem solving and coping strategies you developed to successfully deal with your disability, or switch from your strengths to your "weaknesses"); when you are hired (now you have a legal leg to stand on if the employer discriminates/terminates/refuses to provide accommodations); or when the disability starts interfering with job performance (not a good time to disclose because the employer may perceive this as being dishonest, and because he wasn't informed at the outset, the onus on the employer to provide accommodations is weaker. To answer your question, it is in the behaviours and attitudes , not the policies and words, that you will get a true sense of his/her openness to accepting employees with disabilities. Do they feel uncomfortable around you? Do they interpret accommodations as privileges? Do they educate employees on disability issues and foster a supportive environment.
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2 months 2 weeks ago #71342 by BUBBADOG14
Knew you Joel would have to twist the subject round and play on it!! Naughty boy!!

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