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Hi, I'm a 34-year-old totally blind, who is currently living, working and studying in Athens, Greece. I've been told about this site from a really good, and as it's been recently proved, relyable friend, who's also member here, Tessa. I like meeting new friends, trying, as I keep saying, people, learning of them and learn, still, my self.... I also adore travelling, so here is a good chance, I think. What else..., what else...? Whatever else, on its time. I wish a safe journey, whatever that, even metaphorically, means to everyone able here...
I adore travelling, sharing thoughts, hearing others' problems and trying help in anyway, if possible, reading books of litteral and scientific kind, blogs, articles, news-papers, theatre, good music of several kinds, making new friends, and trying not to forget ever the old ones, giving thanks to those have offered me in any way[s], walking, not running, visiting when possible the nature, I adore listen to the sound of the sea, learning languages, practicing them, hanging out and, at the end of the day, appreciating what each day has given.....

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