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30 - 45
Depression / Anxiety
meeting new friends
I'm super friendly, & kind. I'm looking for someone to correspond with, I want a pen pal to send letters back and forth with. I'm full of surprises and looking for friendship & love. I am gay. I wanna make my life better.

I am a better man than I have ever been in my past. I am a really good guy. I love my family a lot. They are so good to me.

I love who I am and I hate being sad.
I love to play UNO! I love all things music. I love my friends but mostly my family. UNO is fun.
Drinking Mt. Dew & listening to music.
Hoping to find friendship & love. And drinking more stuff.
Rap Music & Miley Cyrus And hip hop.
I love the flash. And the secret life of the American teenager.
The Flash & Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Future Of Us The Twilight books.
My Adopted Mom and my dad. And my new friends. My family comes first then anyone else. And I don't lie about that.
Price Utah
My Penpal
Hi, my name is Marquis and I am looking for people to talk with. I am a good man and I love my life which is a good thing. I love my family a lot. So that is a good thing. to always have I am a good person with a good heart.

hey everyone.
hey people.
mtorres1993 feeling happy
i love my mpm.
I am a good man. I need a new home.
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I am a handsome man.
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Hey, i am a good person. I love everyone. I hope you all are okay.




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